Rabu, 12 Desember 2012

Flower crown DIY

Long time no see guys! Sorry about that, I'm still in the process of trying to squeeze in blogging time (unsuccessfully as of now). I've had this DIY flower crown queued up for a while (no time to write!), isn't it the prettiest thing? I followed a tutorial at Hair Romance, but have a few tips of my own I'd thought to share with you guys. Some of the tricks I learned while doing so just bear with me!

Four Simple Steps To Your Own Pretty Flower Crown

What You Will Need:

Your selection of silk flowers
Wire cutters/pliers
Heavy rustic floral wire for the base
Thin floral wire(can be found here)
Floral tape or ribbon (both optional)
Step One: Shape your heavy rustic floral wire into a circle that fits comfortably on your head. Keep in mind that the flowers will make the circle a bit smaller, so make it a looser rather than too tight.
Step Two: Decide on the arrangement of your silk flowers and then you can begin attaching them. Starting from the back working forward, take the thin floral wire and secure each flower in place by wrapping it tightly around the base several times until firmly secured.
NB: For the larger flowers it’s best to thread the thin floral wire underneath the green base between the petals and the stem; and then continue to tightly wrap to the heavy wire base. Make sure to cut the wire long enough to be able to first wrap around the bottom of the flowers and then wrap around the crown base.

Step Three: Continue the process moving around to the front of the crown and to the opposite side.  There are no hard and fast rules to arranging your flowers.  So just improvise and play with them until you are happy with what it looks like.

Step Four: Once you have covered ¾ of your wire circle with silk flowers, finish your crown off by wrapping the back bit of wire with floral tape or ribbon, or even leave it bare for a more natural look and voila!  You have yourself a flower crown!