Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

hiding for a few time

haii reader:)!!
Well it's been a long time i haven't posted anything in my blog. I'm so tired for this life, so i take rest for all of these my problems. Many pain, many things that make dizzy. What if you were in my position, too many confusing choices. When I want something about love but I can't take it, but when I don't want anymore, many heart come and make me confuse. Complicated
hmmmmm..... so for a rest time, aku nggak ngepost apa apa, aku cuma posting di twitter. And now, i feel better, cause I choose that boy. the one that can make me down, haha thats way i love him, he can make me so jealously. oh my god, what a beautiful life, i've got him, have a good 'abang' (person that officially loved me :p ) , have a super friends. And for refresh, i have a wonderfull holiday for a 10 days in Jakarta and Bandung. So i'm gona post a lot of photo later, when i'm in mood to do that hahaha.

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